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Land Division


Public act 591 of 1996 and public act 87 of 1997 call for all divisions of property to be approved by the local unit of government. If you are interested in dividing your property please contact:

David Jirousek, Williams & Works
Phone 616.988.3525 or 800.224.1590

You can also complete and submit the application listed below:

Other Applications/Information:

Land Division and Subdivision Ordinance

Antwerp Township
Land Division and Subdivision Ordinance

There are four actions regulated by the Land Division and Subdivision Ordinance: 1) Land division, or splitting a parcel into new lots, up to the number allowed by the State Land Division Act; 2) Combination, or combining two or more parcels into fewer parcels; 3) Boundary Line Adjustment, where land is transferred from one lot to an adjacent lot, and no new parcels are created; and 4) Subdivision, which is splitting a parcel to create more lots than allowed by the State Land Division Act. For more information on combinations, boundary line adjustments and subdivisions, see the Land Division and Subdivision Ordinance.


1. Qualifications. To be considered for land division, a parcel must meet the following:

a. The parcel must be eligible to be split according to the State Land Division Act. Check with the Township Assessor to determine if splits are allowed under the Act.

b. All resulting parcels, including the remainder of the parent parcel, must meet the minimum lot width and lot area requirements of the zoning district in which the parcels are located. Portions of a parcel within the road right-of-way or private road or driveway easement may not be counted toward meeting minimum requirements.

c. No parcel may be more than four times deep as it is wide (4:1 depth to width ratio).

d. All parcels must be accessible, from an existing public road, a new public road or a new private road or shared driveway. New public roads must be approved by the Van Buren County Road Commission; new private roads or shared driveways must be approved by Antwerp Township. See the Zoning Ordinance for more information.

2. Process

a. Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with the Township Assessor and Township Zoning Administrator prior to hiring a surveyor, to ensure that the property in question may be split as desired.

b. When you are ready to process the land division, a complete application is required. The application form, required fee, evidence of fee ownership of the property to be divided and an iron-set survey must be submitted for the application to be complete. Contact the Township Hall for application forms and fee information.

c. All taxes and special assessments due must be paid before the application can be processed.

d. The Assessor and Zoning Administrator will determine if the proposed land division complies with all applicable laws and ordinances. If so, the owner will be notified of the approval. If the application is denied, the applicant will be notified of the reasons thereof.

e. After Township approval, the owner will then need to complete the process with the County Registrar of Deeds and the County Land Management and Equalization Department. The owner has one year to complete the process, or the Township approval will expire.

3. Iron-Set Survey. The application must be accompanied by an iron-set survey prepared by a Licensed Surveyor in the State of Michigan. The Survey must include:

a. Area and lot dimensions of all proposed parcels and the parent parcel, including net area minus right-of-way or private road/driveway easement;

b. All existing buildings shall be shown, with setback dimensions from all existing and proposed lot lines;

c. The location of existing wells and existing septic systems, including drainfields, tanks, sewers and other appurtenances;

d. Existing and/or proposed right-of-way, identified as to whether it is public or private, with right-of-way dimensions included.

e. Any land within the delineated flood plain as shown on Federal Insurance Rate Maps, shall be shown, including site elevations and flood plain contours.


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