Winter taxes are due February 28.


Daniel J. Ruzick is the Antwerp Township Supervisor.  He can be reached at 269.668.2615 x215 or

The position of Supervisor in Antwerp Township is an elected position. The Supervisor’s Office is responsible for overseeing all other departments of the township. Personnel administration issues are a primary function. Dan is the Township spokesperson and serves as the budget officer.  The Supervisor is responsible for carrying out the tasks directed to him by the Township Board.


The Antwerp Township Supervisor is a voting member of the five person Township Board. This includes policy making, general township business decisions and zoning related issues.

Supervisor duties include:

    • The responsibility for the assessment of all taxable property in the Township
    • Negotiation of service contracts
    • Preparing budget and controlling expenditures
    • Oversight and management of all Township facilities
  • Provides Income Tax Rebate Assistance for seniors free of charge
  • Alternate representative Lawton Fire Board

Each township board member is considered a trustee of township funds and individually responsible as a fiduciary for the proper handling of these funds.  The Township Supervisor is the chief administrative officer with authority to prepare the budget and control expenditures thereunder.  The Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act (PA 2 of 1968) requires the adoption of a general appropriations act annually, defined as a budget, with additional or limiting authority vested in the Supervisor responsible for budget preparation, presentation and administration.  The fiscal year of Antwerp Township is July 1 to June 30 (MCL 41.72). -excerpts taken from Authorities & Responsibilities, 2010 Edition, MTA

A public hearing on the proposed final budget is conducted annually the week prior to the scheduled Township Board meeting in June.  A copy of the current year’s adopted budget is available in the Township office or online.