Winter taxes are due February 28.


Heather Mitchell is the Antwerp Township Clerk. She can be reached at 269.668.2615 x200 or

Chantel Reyna is the Antwerp Township Deputy Clerk. She can be reached at 269-668-2615 x207 or

Most of the duties of a Township Clerk are regulated by State Law.

Maintaining Voter Registration File and Voting Records:

The Clerk is responsible for administering all elections and maintaining an accurate registration file for all residents that are registered. Antwerp Township has approximately 8,900+ registered voters.  Antwerp has 5 voting precincts.  Precinct 1 is in the Lawton Community Center on Nursery St.  Precincts 2, 3, and 5 are located within the Activity Center on Front St and Precinct 4 is in the Township Board Meeting Room.

Maintaining Custody of All Township Records:

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining custody of all legal documents.

Recording, publishing and maintaining minutes of the Township Board, publishing and posting notices of Board Meetings are duties carried out by the Clerk’s Office. In addition to these, the Clerk’s Office maintains Ordinance and Resolution records.

You can contact the Clerk/Deputy Clerk with questions regarding: